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Concert at Alliance Française

After Fest Napuan, the biggest musical festival of the South Pacific, we're back on stage with our orchestra :) James (bass), Paul (guitar), Tibo (guitar) and Sanga (clarinet) will accompany us (Gaga - vocals - and Ben - ukulélé, guitar and drums) on friday 31th October at Alliance Francaise, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

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Itchy Lychee Project

Making music no matters the distances, this is the Itchy Lychee Project. Even if our friends are living everywhere in the world, we still make music together, create funky video clips of it and have a lot of fun :)

Roaming Mandarines

A musical postal card project, everytime we travel somewhere, we keep a nice memory by recording a song live, we do a "Roaming Mandarines"

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Fest Napuan

Awesome concert at Fest Napuan festival ! We had a first set with Gaga (vocals), Ben (Ukulélé and guitar), Carlos (harmonica), James (Bass) and Paul (Guitar) and for the second set Ben started playing drums and we were joined by Leila (Saxophone), Sylvain (Guitar), Tibo (Guitar) and Tio (Violin). Great public and we were interviewed by the french TV :)

You can have a look at a video taken during the first set : Les Bêtises - Sabine Paturel

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