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Unicef Spain

We made a video for UNICEF España and El Corte Inglés to help them raising funds to rebuild Vanuatu after cyclone Pam. You can have a look at the video on our videos page.

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Itchy Lychee Project

Making music no matters the distances, this is the Itchy Lychee Project. Even if our friends are living everywhere in the world, we still make music together, create funky video clips of it and have a lot of fun :)

Roaming Mandarines

A musical postal card project, everytime we travel somewhere, we keep a nice memory by recording a song live, we do a "Roaming Mandarines"

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First POST PAM Wedding !

And it was amaaaaaazing !!! Stunning couple and beautiful location ! Port-Vila is still a magical place to get married !!!! Have a look at their pics

We already had our second one and the month of May will be a busy wedding months :)

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