Who we are

Hi there! THis is Ben and gaga!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet, it's nice to see you here! We are full-time photographers and videographers based in Port-Vila, Vanuatu. This is not something we imagined to say a few years ago when we were still working as engineers in Europe!

After our studies in France (yes, we are froggies!) we settled in the beautiful Netherlands, and we enjoyed it very much.  But, we thought life had something more to offer. For a long time we had this idea to move to the small island nation where Gaga had lived when she was younger. After a long decision and preparation process, we left our jobs, packed our backpacks and tried our luck in the South Pacific! And we are thrilled we did !

(By the way, now we are 4 - well 6 with Swing the dog and Jazz the cat - 2 years after Baby Banana Boy we have welcomed Groovy Baby Girl in our family :) )

We love what we do

We now call Vanuatu home and we do what we really like doing: telling stories through our images, eternalising the love and grooviness around us.

We have always loved capturing laughs and worked on various music, videos and design projects. When we arrived here, we decided to make our dream job come true :D

We feel we are spoiled as we go to work, either on a magical little island to witness happy people saying "I do" or in our cosy home, with a giggling baby, a cheeky toddler, an affectionate dog and  a snobby cat.

How does it work?

How long is your coverage?

We have many packages available, from ceremony and portraits only (which for an elope can be 1 or 2 hours only) to the full-day-Crazy Ananas-package (up-to 8 hours coverage, in that case we also ask for food and drinks :) ). 

If you choose a package including preparation, we usually come between 1 hour and 1 hour and half before the ceremony for getting ready shots. 

How many pictures will we get?

Again, it will depends on the package and on the amount of guests :) We select the best and edit them all, it can be anything between 100 (elope ceremony and portraits) and 600 pics (for a full day coverage, many guests and a very popular photo booth).

When will we receive the pictures? 

If possible, we post a sneak preview picture on our social medias in the following days (what we consider the best shot of the day) ! Then, we try to have a little selection to show you before you leave, within the realms of possibility. From that selection, we post a teaser album on Facebook within 1 week or 2 (for your profile picture :D). And all the pictures will be available for download on a secure online gallery (a link you will able to share with your family and friends ! Yay !) and in high resolution within 3 or 4 weeks. 

And what about the video?

Each video is unique and requires hours, days and weeks of editing. Depending on how busy we are the following months after your wedding, it can be up-to 3 months (but hopefully it will be quicker).

The final video will last 10 to 15 minutes, highlighting all the key moments of your wedding. If you are OK with it, we like posting a short trailer (about 1 minute 30) on our youtube channel and website. 

We will pick the music as we will pay a license for it. It will be one that fits the vibes of the day. Of course we are open to suggestions, you can tell us your favorite songs or music influence and we will try to find a good match. 

What gear do you use?

We shoot full frame with Nikon D600 and D610, and we have a bunch of (bananas) fast prime lenses (our favorites are 28mm, 50mm and 85mm). 

For low light, the reception or cool rainy shots, we also a battery of flashes, we are ultra prepared for any light situation :D

For video, we are also pretty well equipped, with our video-capable Nikons, a GH4, a handheld gimbal and the ultimate toy : a drone (incredible aerial shots in sight) !!!

We don't feel at ease in front of a camera and we don't like being the center of attention

Don't worry we are pretty cruisy :D Our nambawan goal is to make you feel comfortable. Everything will be natural and easy-going, we just want you to be yourself, connect with the person you love and have fun.  

Our job is not only to capture your wedding but also make sure you are having a great time with us and that you will found our the memories we are creating for you. 

You always say "we", will you both be attending our wedding ?

Probably, yes. We might even be 3 or 4 ! Since we have had our baby, he's become our young assistant, however, he sometimes needs a nanny. Again, depending on the configuration and the moment of the wedding, there could be one shooter, or 2 shooters or 1 shooter and an assistant. 

What is that photo booth you are talking about?

Let's say that it is a "human photo booth" or a funky portraits corner. We set up a camera, make lots of funny props available and we press the button ! All those snaps come digitally with the rest of the pictures.

Any groovy tips?

If that's possible, we recommend a ceremony 2 to 3 hours before the sunset.  That leaves you time for ceremony, sharing a drink and a nibble with your guests while we take candids, family portraits and group picture, and a romantic portrait session at golden hour.

For the ceremony, think open shade (under a big tree, arch made of white fabrics, etc..) to avoid squinting eyes or a groom with sunnies.

Having your guests throwing petals at you when you walk back the aisle always give nice and dynamic shots opportunities (petals are less dangerous than rice) !

Consider having sparklers and fairy lights at your reception for gorgeous shots.

If you wish to make a special studio session or an amazing trash the dress, we are in !! :D

My wedding is not happening in Vanuatu but I want you !

That's amazing !!! We are based in Port-Vila, but we are happy to travel for your wedding, push us an email and we'll figure out something to be part of your special day :)

What's that funny accent ?

Eat eez beekeuse wee are French !!! :D