The extra topping to the Groovy Banana

The Groovy Banana story started with music and this is still a big part of our life. We have made various musical projects over the years. Take a look down there to some of our favourites.

Another extra topping is Lindy Hop! We got hooked on swing dancing as you may see in a couple of projects. We know run a small dancing school in Port-Vila, Vanuatu: The Lindy Coconut !

Home & travel Projects

Itchy Lychee Project

A special project where we play music with our friends no matter the distance. With friends all over the world, everyone adds its own touch to a song and its video clip. 

Roaming Mandarines

Think of Roaming Mandarines as a musical postal cards. Every time we've been visiting a cool place we've tried to record a small cover.