Ash & Chris - Wedding at Gudfala Ples, Vanuatu (Photography)

Gaëlle was just supposed to come to sing the "walk the aisle" song with Inoeg & Ali, but baby Ewen was very calm in Micheline's arm (the house girl) so she ended up with a camera in the hand covering Ash & Chris wedding till the end of the night ! It was a lovely wedding with very relaxed people from NZ and Australia, Ash being Kiwi and Chris Ozzie :D And for the portraits, we went to Tamanu, where the wedding was planned originally.
Congats you 2 ! 
Organised by Events Vanuatu
Location : Gudfala Ples (
Photoshoot at Tamanu on the Beach
Cake by Cake Fantasy Vanuatu
Catering by Kandy's Kitchen