Jade & Tim • Wedding at The Moso (Photography/Videography)

Wow wow wow wow wow ! Those 2 really embraced the Vanuatu wedding!!! When they got engaged, they immediately thought of that cool spot they had spent holidays at : The Moso, a boutique resort on Moso island in the North of Efate. So here they are bringing together more than 40 family members and friends to party like animals on an island ! And what a celebration ! A pretty cool bamboo structured arch tipi styled was set up, Pastor G named them with custom names (later renamed by Moso-chief), the mammas surprised them with some beautiful singing and water music, they made their guests discover the typical Vanuatu beverage kava, they didn't mind a few drops of rain for the portraits and finally K2 catered a delicious dinner under the stars (with lightening in the far). So happy to have been part of their special day and meet these 2! Tell us when you are back so that we can have a shell (of kava) or 2 together ;)