Jess & Chris • Wedding at Bokissa, Santo, Vanuatu (Photography)

Well well well, from the emails we had exchanged with first Jess, then Chris, we knew this wedding would be very relax, with some easy going people, and we were right ! Jess & Chris were just adorable and so were their wedding crew, all coming to this little island, Bokissa Private Island Resort, not too far from Santo. As soon as Jess had put her last shoe on, it started pouring rain, but never mind, they still got married on the beach :) And there were just enough sun to make the water look incredible, as always :) And being wet for being wet, Chris and his groomsmen ended up in the pool :) Good kava, good food, good cocktails, karaoké, magical rainy pic, all the ingredients for a success wedding !!!
Fun fact : the groom caught the flowers ;)
Congrats mates !