Mark & Kate • Wedding at Tamanu (Photography/Videography)

This wedding... When Kate got in touch with me, I warned her we would be in Santo flying to Vila on the morning of their wedding as we had a wedding to cover till late the day before. She took the risk and we came straight from the airport, a bit tired but... OH MY GOD WE DIDN'T REGRET IT ! This was SUCH an AMAZING day with SUCH WONDERFUL people !!!!
Mark & Kate brought together 89 party animals for 5 days in paradise !!!! 
They didn't accept any gift but asked their guests to make donations to Good Will instead, they had 5 rock n roll bridesmaids and 7 dapper groomsmen, one of which became a bridesmaid during the night for parity (he had lost a competition during Mark's bachelors' party), they did a first look and bridal pics before the ceremony to enjoy their guests as most as possible, they had a wonderful and dear friend celebrating their union in a chill relaxed atmosphere, they enter the reception while their guests were playing music on "All you need is love" from the Beatles that they had rehearsed 30 min before and they just had the best speeches ever where everyone was laughing & crying. (We shed tears and tears on them as they were so moving and funny)... Oh. I forgot. The first dance. What a moment !! They pretended having a super fancy Dirty dancing style choreography with a special beginning... and they started a crocodile line on a funny music... What a wicked celebration !!!
When they met, Mark told Kate she should leave her boyfriend because she would have more fun with him, but he had to ask her 6 times, virtually and face to face, before she gave it a try and she did right. They are just meant to each other and their lil creation, Mila, 1 year old, is adorable :D
Those 2 are cool, they are funky, they do have fun with each other, they are serious party organisers, they have the best ideas and we just want to be their new besties :D :D :D Their energy and their smiles are communicative and they are spreading good vibes all over them : not only did they make a video for their save the date, they also did a thank you rapping one :D
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