"Pirouette Cacahuete" song cover

It is always such a pleasure to hang out with talented musical friends, and this family is one of our favorite, sharing the same values and having as much fun as we do!!!! Camille has that amazing voice and directly creates beautiful harmonies, Juju who is not a musicien at all just nailed the xylophone (or more precisely the glockenspiel), the adorable and cheeky Gaspard made a few note of trombone... Ben played the cello and our 2 big bubbas were too tired to participate in another way than feeding while Gaga was singing and playing ukulele :) We thought it would be a nice cover to release on the (French) Breastfeeding Week as it is the first time Gaga tandem feed while performing :D

This is a cover of a very famous French kids song "Pirouette Cacahuete".

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